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Gregoria, Princess of Malevolence
Also Known As: Ambassador Gregoria
Gregoria, Princess of Malevolence.png
Civilization Darkness Darkness.png
Race Dark Lord
Gender ♀ Female
Occupation Darkness Civilization Ambassador
Family Megaria, Empress of Dread (Older Sister)
Unnamed Sister(s)
Unnamed Brother (deceased)
Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren

Gregoria, Princess of Malevolence is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Gregoria is among one of the most feared creatures of Darkness, both for her skill in combat and her skill at brokering underhanded deals. Lord Skycrusher listens to Gregoria's messages from Darkness... but can he trust what she says?

She is the ambassador of Water and Fire.


In Into the Fire: Part 1, she was seen on the viewing platform with Lord Skycrusher alongside Silver Fist.

In Cease Fire, Gregoria used her Fortress as a play for the location of a parley between Skycrusher and Finbarr. During this time, Gregoria discovered that Allison Underhill had the mask of her sister Megaria in her possession.

In Brainjacked, Gregoria leads some Darkness Civilization creatures into crossing the veil so that Queen Kalima can establish a foothold in San Campion. Upon crossing the veil at San Campion Middle School, Gregoria and her forces fought Raiden Pierce-Okamoto, Gabriel Wallace, and the Duels Masters until Allison arrived with the Cloak of Dark Illusion and sucked Gregoria and her forces into it

In Fallout, Gregoria joins Raiden, Allison, Gabriel, Skycrusher, Piercing Seer, and Sasha into preventing Nigel Brightmore and the Choten Minions into using an evolved version of Finbarr's Dreadnought to flood the Nature Civilization. Gregoria uses her Sword of Trailing Darkness to make a cloud of darkness to prevent three Aqua Tricksters used by the Choten Minions from attacking Sasha.


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