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Also Known As: Horrosmash of Wraithpeak
Civilization Darkness Darkness.png
Race Chimera
Gender Male (Horrosmash of Wraithpeak)

Gigastand is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Chimera are creatures are creatures created from aspects of other creatures. Many have tried to determine which creatures' parts were combined to make Gigastand. All who have tried have lost their mind.

Gigastands are among the most vile of the Chimera, repulsive to look at and even worse-smelling. Horrosmash stands out even more - he's mean and unpredictable. Naturally, a mean, unpredictable duelist like Heller would choose Horrosmash.


In The Siphon, Heller summoned Horrosmash of Wraithpeak to help capture Master Chavez.

In Boiling Point, a Gigastand is seen among the slaves that were rescued by Gargle, Master Chavez, Master Nadia, Allie and Gabe. It got into conflict with Steel Hammer and Karate Carrot who refused to share the island they were brought to with it.

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