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Civilization Darkness Darkness.png
Race Chimera

Gigabolver is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Nightmares are terrifying when you are having them, but then you wake up and they are gone. Gigabolver is like the nightmare of chimeras: getting attacked by one is horrifying, but once the attack is over, you're safe . . . for the moment.


Gigabolver first appeared in Darkness of Heart: Part 2, when it, along with an Armored Guard, attacked Allie and Gorgeon, Shadow of Gluttony. However, it was eaten by Gorgeon.

In Darkness on the Edge of Town, another Gigabolver, being controlled by Megaria, faced off against Allie and Shaw K'Naw, but was defeated.

In Brainjacked, a Gigabolver accompanied Gregoria in her invasion on San Campion so that Queen Kalima can make it her foothold.

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