Fluorogill Manta
Fluorogill Manta
Civilization Water Water
Race Trench Hunter
Occupation Bodyguard

Fluorogill Manta is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


High ranking Cyber Lords rarely travel outside of their domed cities unprotected. Frequently, they will use Fluorogill Mantas as personal bodyguards, and can even telepathically take control of them during combat.


Fluorogill Manta appeared in Boosted, where Nigel Brightmore used it in a duel against Ray and Allie alongside Rodi Gale, Night Guardian. Later in the fight, Nigel evolved both of the creatures.

In Siege, a Fluorogill Manta is among the creatures that are exposed to The Choten's Evo-Serum Bomb.

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