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Civilization Fire Fire.png
Race Rock Brute
Gender ♂ Male

Flametropus is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


That path of destruction? The burning forests, cities, grasslands, and even rivers? The clumps of cooling lava covering everything? It means that Flametropus was here recently.


Flametropus was released from the vault containing him by Fingers in order to create a diversion. This gave Fingers a chance to gain the tablets from the temple's library, but was unsuccessful after being caught by Raiden and his friends. Flametropus was later defeated by a combined effort from the Duel Masters where it ended up back in the Fire Civilization. Fingers overall mission was a success where it was mostly to get Flametropus out of their possession and back to The Choten.

In Betrayal, The Choten summoned Flametropus to level Raiden's apartment.

In Quest In Fire, Skycrusher brought Flametropus in order to attack Raiden's group at Black-Ridge Volcano. It was defeated when Raiden casted the Spell of Absolute Incineration.

In Siege, Flametropus is among the creatures that are exposed to The Choten's Evo-Serum Bomb that was detonated in the Null Zone. The evolved Flametropus is among the evolved creatures that attacks San Campion.

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