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Fire burns with passionate heat!
Master Jaha, while demonstrating the Fire summoning kata

The Fire Civilization is a mono-civilization combination that is distinguished by a red color frame and is represented by a flame and cogwheel symbol.

Creatures of the Fire Civilization are proud and passionate warriors. They are short-tempered and always ready to fight, no matter how big or small they are.

The Monarch of the Fire Civilization is Infernus the Immolator who is the rightful owner of the Sword of Fiery Cataclysm.


The Fire Civilization is shimmering deserts and rocky badlands, all surrounded by magma-belching volcanoes. In this blast-furnace land live brutish creatures with explosive personalities, raw power and high-explosive weaponry. Fire creatures don’t do a lot of planning, and do less negotiating, making Fire the most warlike civilization.

Fire is driven by the need to act now and think later. Other civilizations see Fire as impulsive, angry, barbaric, and out of control, but Fire knows that the key to winning is quickly acting on instinct.

The Fire Civilization is born in the bowels of the Earth, the heart of their kingdom is in a volcanic caldera. Primarily a destructive, warring civilization, whether friendly or not, the creatures tend to be loud, boisterous and vain. An over-the-top, passionate civilization, they get along reasonably well with both Nature and Darkness (whom they see as fellow members having sprung from the earth).

The Fire Civilization isn't all barren, there are cities. Most of the cities in the Fire Civilization are described as being "cobbled-together", although the capital city of Blastforge is a thriving metropolis full of merchants and traders. Fire culture includes gladiatorial battles to the death and the practice of slavery, both of which are notably popular.

Graveyards of fallen heroes are considered sacred. No one with honor would dare wage a battle in one of these locations.

Known Locations

  • Blastforge City
  • Black Rim Volcano
  • Kiln Canyon
  • Graveyards of the Fallen Heroes of Fire

List of Races

Summoning Kata

The kata for summoning a creature of the Fire Civilization starts by spinning your body to the right with your right arm extended out and jump kick with your right leg as you come back to face forward again. You then swing your right arm backward and your left arm forward in front of your torso. Finally you punch your right arm forward with an open palm while your left arm is raised up and backward with an open palm.

When the kata is being performed, the duelist is surrounded by a whirl of flames.

Unique Abilities



  • In inter-civilization battle, the Fire Civilization utilizes flying volcano-like warships which contain very destructive weapons.
  • The Fire Civilization has a tradition known as the Mar Kunanda Baru, in which a captured criminal may have the chance to win their freedom in gladiatorial judgment if they choose to invoke the custom. It is only for Fire creatures, even a half fire hybrid may not be granted this right.
  • Creatures of the Fire Civilization are notably fond of the human realm meat, Bacon.

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