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Evolution Swarm

Evolution Swarm deck.png

Set Gallery: Evolution Swarm Gallery
Release Date: May 30, 2014
Associated Set: Quest for the Gauntlet
Set Abbreviation: 13GAU

Evolution Swarm is a deck released alongside the Quest for the Gauntlet set in the Trading Card Game.


It is the first Master Challenge deck.

They are designed to be more powerful than previous decks that have been released.

It features an exclusive card


Amount: Number: Name: Civilization(s):
1x D1/D1 Beastlord Rulchor Nature.png
3x 2/160 Blinder Beetle Light.png
3x 5/160 Commissar Soris Light.png
1x 10/160 General Dorzim Light.png
2x 13/160 Hover-Talon Light.png
3x 17/160 Magris the Magnetizer Light.png
3x 25/160 Skybound Keeper Light.png
3x 27/160 Stratus Dart Light.png
2x 29/160 Sunstorm Dreadnought Light.png
1x 123/160 Anjak, the All-Kin Nature.png
1x 126/160 Barbed Crusher Nature.png
2x 129/160 Charging Greatclaw Nature.png
3x 138/160 Pouncing Crickant Nature.png
2x 139/160 Predatory Snapdragon Nature.png
1x 141/160 Root Trap Nature.png
1x 146/160 Sumo Artichoke Nature.png
3x 147/160 Sun-Clan Tortoise Nature.png
3x 148/160 Vine Bind Nature.png
2x 154/160 Battlebred Defender Light.pngNature.png


Light.png Light Civilization: 20

Nature.png Nature Civilization: 18

Light.pngNature.png Light Nature: 2