Evil Toy is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization.


Evil Toys are artificial creatures manipulated by the Dark Lords as disposable weapons. They have disagreeable natures, and revel in the opportunity to create chaos and mayhem. Many Evil Toys have strings like a marionette, but no operator is required. Their haphazard appearance is the result of numerous self-repairs, done with unskilled needlework.

List of Evil Toys

 ■ Baleful Drummer
 ■ Dagger Doll
 ■ Eager Cleaver
 ■ Forsaken Puppet
 ■ Haunted Harvest
 ■ Johnny Darkseed
 ■ Joko, Lunatic Chimp
 ■ Lizard-Skin Puppet
 ■ Mr. Smiles
 ■ Razorkinder
 ■ Razorkinder Puppet
 ■ Roton the Destroyer
 ■ Spire Puppet
 ■ Spiteful Razorkinder
 ■ Stitched Spawn


Razorkinder Puppet (3RIS)


  • The Evil Toys are the Kaijudo versions of the Death Puppets from the original Duel Masters franchise.
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