Dune Gecko is a race of creature in the Fire Civilization.


The Dune Geckos are lizard-like creatures that inhabit the deserts and hills of the Fire Civilization. They are resistant to heat and sensitive to water. Dune Geckos are covered with primitive, armor-like shells. Despite their lack of intelligence, some have been trained for use as transportation vehicles and as armed mounts.

List of Dune Geckos

 ■ Badlands Lizard
 ■ Jet-Thrust Darter
 ■ Lava-Tube Crawler
 ■ Lava Leaper
 ■ Leaping Hissy
 ■ Legionnaire Lizard
 ■ Little Hissy
 ■ Lizard-Skin Puppet
 ■ Sandstorm Prowler
 ■ Snaptongue Lizard
 ■ Sparkspine Lizard

Dune Gecko Evolution Creatures

 ■ Big Hissy


Big Hissy (4EVO)


  • The Dune Geckos are the Kaijudo versions of the Dune Geckos from the original Duel Masters franchise.
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