Duel Masters are characters in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.

Current Masters

Each of the Masters belong to one of the 5 respective civilizations, and train Ray, Allie and Gabe to battle with creatures using the art of Kaijudo against The Choten. Each master also has a corresponding creature as their partner.

During the events of the series, Nigel Brightmore was excommunicated from the Kaijudo temple and has had his position temporarily replaced by Gabe until Isao officially took over the position.

Former Masters

August, Ken Okamoto, and Master Tiera were Duel Masters before the start of the series, but each left for their respective reasons either if they either went rogue, were brainwashed into going rogue, or gone missing.

Nigel Brightmore was excommunicated from the order at the end of season 1 due to his dealings with The Choten.

Deceased Masters

Temporary Masters

On rare occasions, Acolytes can given the position of Duel Master on a temporary basis until a permanent replacement can be found.

Gabe temporarily assumed the position of Light Civilization Duel Master after Nigel was excommunicated, due to his relationship with Sasha, until Isao was chosen as Nigel's permanent replacement.

Specialists & Outpost Guardians

The Specialists are duelists that are experts at the different Civilizations. Some of them work as Outpost Guardians in different parts of the world.


Second level of Duelist. Are taught to cast spells.


First level of Duelists. They are taught to summon Creatures and control them.

Unofficial Masters

The following are unofficial Duel Masters:

Online Exclusive


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