Kaijudo Duel Day

A Kaijudo Duel Day is a special event in the Trading Card Game that is held in stores across the nation.


Show off your skills, earn promo cards, and test your winning strategies in weekly tournaments that will prep you for competitive play in Kaijudo Master Challenges. Don’t forget to bring a friend! You can earn promo cards just by introducing a new player to the game. Train to win!


The Duel Days were first announced on January 30, 2013, on the official Wizards of the Coast blog. The first season was held from April 5 of that year to April 30 of that year. The second season was held from May 5 of that year to the present.

Certain promotional cards are given out at Duel Day events for a certain period of time.

List of Duel Day promotional cards


Card: Month given out:
Billion-Degree Dragon
Dorado, Golden Dragon
April 2013
Saracon, Storm Dynamo May 2013
Grybolos the Gatherer May 2013
Sprout June 2013
Magris the Magnetizer August 2013
Necrose, Nightmare Bloom September 2013
Cyber Walker Kaylee October 2013
Enslaved Flametropus November 2013
Shaman of the Vigil December 2013


Card: Month given out:
Ember Titan January 2014
Gilded Archon February 2014
Cyber Seer March 2014
Ravenous Detrivore April 2014
Molten Stonesaur May 2014
Swarming Rapids Lurker June 2014
Bristling Tatsurion July 2014


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