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Dragon Master Collection Kit

Dragon Master Collection Kit Box.png

Set Gallery: 5DRA Gallery
Release Date: February 19th, 2013
Next Set: DragonStrike Infernus
Previous Set: Evo Fury
Abbreviation: 5DRA
Block: Rise of the Duel Masters

Dragon Master Collection Kit is a special promotional set in the Trading Card Game.


A collection box, which fits up to 120 sleeved Kaijudo cards, will store your incredible opponent-crushing decks. There is also 4 Rise of the Duel Masters booster packs inside to help players build their collections even more.

This dragon-themed collection box holds up to 120 of your favorite sleeved cards, and comes with a playset of two new foil Dragon cards (six cards total) and four Rise of the Duel Masters booster packs. You’ll also get the Dragon Book carrying case so you can take up to twenty of your most treasured Kaijudo cards with you wherever you go.

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This set introduces the following race(s) for the following civilization(s):