Draglide the Swiftest
Draglide the Swiftest
Civilization Fire Fire
Race Attack Raptor

Draglide the Swiftest is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Draglide is armed with head-mounted rocket launchers, making it a strong air-to-air combat creature. However, Draglide's most often used skill is it's enormous speed. When this attack raptor's normal flight speed isn't fast enough, it can kick in booster engines for an extra-speedy burst.


Draglide was summoned by Master Chavez to help them travel to the Blastforge city. Although it was later ambushed by Moorna and it fell down then badly beaten, however it still managed to transport them to the city. Draglide was also summoned by Allie for some swift help when the Light Civilization was under attack. The Attack Raptor proved his worth in combat, although he was defeated in battle, but not before releasing a flury of attacks at his opposition.

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