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The Darkness Civilization is a mono-civilization combination that is distinguished by a purple color frame and is represented by a masked purple face symbol.


At home in deep subterranean cave systems and anywhere in the darkness, they are the ‘bump in the night’. They are the creepy crawlies, ever patient and always using the shadows to their advantage. Obscuring their maneuvers and strategy, the Darkness Civilization tends to be sneaky and deceptive – choosing the right moment to pop out and scare / attack / greet their enemies. Their great nemesis of course is the Light Civilization whom they view arrogant and controlling – ever ready to illuminate their secretive ways. Their co-existence with the Nature Civilization and the Fire Civilization are tenuous and sometimes stormy, though the Fire Civilization’s passions resonate more with Darkness and they are amused by the Nature Civilization’s tribal ways.

Their best ally is the Water Civilization whom they can join seamlessly with to fight side by side with. The Darkness Civilization has a certain spooky, creepy side with its undead, demons and especially ‘the masks.’ Many Creatures of Darkness always wear masks, which keeps others guessing about who or what is beneath. The ‘unpredictable’ side of darkness (and what may come out of it) is intriguing. On a deeper level, dark things are neither all bad nor all good – and darkness offers many lessons useful not only to dueling but to life.

The primary colors of the Darkness Civilization are PURPLE and BLACK. These can represent the sneakier aspects of this Civilization, such as plotting, planning, hoarding (as opposed to their toxic waste, poison and so on). The look is frequently “cobbled together,” stitched or otherwise misshapen. Armor and weaponry are always macabre, but cool!

List of Races

Unique Abilities

  • Slayer.
  • Discarding cards in your opponent's hand.
  • Returning creatures from your discard pile to your hand or battle zone.
  • Untapped creature removal.
  • Reducing your opponent's creature's [[power.
  • Sacrificing creatures, mana, and shields for benefit.
  • Milling your or your opponent's deck.



  • In the original Duel Masters franchise, the Darkness Civilization contained toxic gases which made it inhospitable. This was retconned in this franchise.

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