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Choten's Minion
Choten's Minion.png
Specialty Light Light.png Water Water.png
Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png
Nature Nature.png
Race Human
Gender Varies
Affiliation Choten's Forces
Voice Actors Dee Bradley Baker
John DiMaggio
Oded Fehr
Andrew Kishino
Jason Marsden
Rachel Robinson
David Sobolov
Scott Wolf

The Choten's Minions are an antagonist in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.

They serve as the foot soldiers of The Choten.


The Choten has intelligence and cunning on his side—but he can't be in every place at once. For any task that requires a less delicate hand, The Choten has a seemingly never-ending supply of minions on his side! Recruited from all over the Earth and given basic minion training, these identically-dressed troops handle day-to-day duties for The Choten. They're not always the brightest of the bunch, but they do grunt work just fine. Whether The Choten needs a spare part for one of his diabolical machines or just wants someone to pour his tea in the morning, his minions are the go-to force.

The Choten uses his Minions to help him track down, capture, and control creatures. Reflecting The Choten's obsession with technology, a Minion's uniform and gauntlet feature power packs and other high-tech gadgetry to help focus those creature-controlling powers.


They have appeared in multiple times performing errands for the Choten.