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Choten's Army

Choten's Army deck.png

Set Gallery: Choten's Army Gallery
Release Date: November 8, 2013
Associated Set: Invasion Earth
Set Abbreviation: 10INV

Choten's Army is a deck released alongside the Invasion Earth set in the Trading Card Game.


It is a deck based on the Corrupted race of creatures.

It features an exclusive card, Vicious Squillace Scourge.


Amount: Number: Name: Civilization(s):
1x D1/D1 Vicious Squillace Scourge Water Water.png / Darkness Darkness.png
1x 13/80 Seneschal, Choten's Lieutenant Water Water.png
1x 38/80 Luminar Unleashed Light Light.png / Water Water.png
2x 5/110 Containment Field Light Light.png
3x 8/80 Aqua Trickster Water Water.png
1x 27/110 Tenuous Trove Water Water.png
2x 21/80 Ghost Bite Darkness Darkness.png
3x 35/110 Mesmerize Darkness Darkness.png
1x 40/110 Suffocate Darkness Darkness.png
2x 36/80 Monstrify Nature Nature.png
1x 35/80 Tusked Shouter Nature Nature.png
3x 40/80 Skyvolt Mech Light Light.png / Water Water.png
2x 37/80 Fallen Keeper Light Light.png / Water Water.png
2x 36/80 Choten's Stalker Sphere Light Light.png / Water Water.png
2x 41/80 Calamity Bell Light Light.png / Darkness Darkness.png
2x 54/80 Essence Shade Water Water.png / Darkness Darkness.png
1x 56/80 Sabotage Worm Water Water.png / Darkness Darkness.png
3x 65/80 Tainted Quartz Water Water.png / Nature Nature.png
3x 63/80 Bronze-Arm Renegade Water Water.png / Nature Nature.png
1x 74/80 Foul Mana Darkness Darkness.png / Nature Nature.png
2x 75/80 Shadow Strike Darkness Darkness.png / Nature Nature.png


Light.png Light Civilization: 2

Water.png Water Civilization: 6

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization: 6

Nature.png Nature Civilization: 3

Light.pngWater.png Light Water: 8

Light.pngDarkness.png Light Darkness: 2

Water.pngDarkness.png Water Darkness: 4

Water.pngNature.png Water Nature: 6

Darkness.pngNature.png Darkness Nature: 3