Card Frames detail the different aspects of a card in the Trading Card Game, with different treatments for Creature cards and Spell cards.


The civilization of the cards: Light, Water, Darkness, Fire, or Nature is incorporated into the frame artwork, and rarity levels are shown by stars along the right side of the card.

Card Frame

A card can contain the following features:

  • Card Name – The card name is on the top of the Card Frame and on the right of the cards level.
  • Level – This number shows how much mana you will need to tap to be able to play the card.
  • Race – Creatures are grouped into various types, such as Armored Dragon, Skyforce Champion, or Beast Kin.
  • Card Abilities – This text lets you know what ability (such as Double Breaker or Shield Blast) that a card has.
  • Card Type – The card type is indicated on the middle left of the frame.
  • Power – This number, seen on the bottom left of the frame which only appears on creature card types, indicates the creatures power. The higher this number, the stronger the creature is in battling against other creatures.
  • Card Rarity – The number of stars indicates the level of rarity. The more stars that has a card has, the higher the rarity of the card.
    • Common = 1 star (★)
    • Uncommon = 2 stars (★★)
    • Rare = 3 stars (★★★)
    • Very Rare = 4 stars (★★★★)
    • Super Rare = 5 stars (★★★★★)
  • Illustrator – The artist of the cards artwork is indicated on the bottom right of the frame.
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