Burn Belly is a race of creature in the Fire Civilization.


Burn Bellies are small humanoids with chubby bodies. Normally only a foot tall, they are normally found in groups. Burn Bellies are known for their never-ending hunger and can eat anything that will catch fire.

List of Burn Bellies

 ■ Blaze Belcher
 ■ Blazing Skyrider Valko
 ■ Flamespitter
 ■ Manic Mechanic
 ■ Om Nom Nom
 ■ Raptor-Ace Valko
 ■ Scrapheap Hunter
 ■ The Disassembler


Blaze Belcher (3RIS)


The Burn Bellies are Kaijudo versions of Machine Eaters from the original Duel Masters franchise.

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