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Civilization Fire Fire.png
Race Armored Dragon
Gender ♂ Male
Family Moorna the Vengeful (Ex-Fiancé)
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Brutalus is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Brutalus was one of the dragons who attacked Tatsurion's village when he was younger. When Brutalus attacked the Quillspike Tribe, Tatsurion badly injured Brutalus' left wing which was the reason why a bounty was placed on his head. Due to his broken wing, Brutalus was banished.

However, Brutalus did not blame Tatsurion for the loss of his wing and his place in dragon society, as his ex-fiance Moorna had used him to attack Tatsurion's beast kin family, and broke off their engagement without hesitation despite their former love. He was angered that Moorna had used him like a pawn and turned against him for something that wasn't his fault.

When Moorna offered him revenge, he spurned her as she did him, and even helped Tatsurion fight her off. However, he warned Tatsurion and his friends not to disturb him again.

The manipulation and betrayal of Moorna and the circumstances that lost him his wing gave Brutalus a rare instance of wisdom and clarity by his realization that dragon society is flawed and lacking in sincere honor. This is surprising as what happened to Brutalus could understandably have turned him bitter and vengeful when instead he showed mercy to the one who injured his wing and chose to spare Headstrong Wanderer rather than harm her because he saw that Moorna was ultimately responsible for his fall from grace and she had cruelly abandoned him to his solitude rather than help or stand by him.



  • Brutalus was to be married to Moorna but after losing his left wing, the marriage was called off.
  • Brutalus is a rare instance of a creature from the series who did not receive a trading card.