Bristling Tatsurion
Bristling Tatsurion (13PRM)
Civilization: Nature Nature
Card Type: Evolution Creature
Level: 6
Race: Armored Dragon / Beast Kin
Card Abilities: Evolution — Put on one of your Nature creatures.

Double Breaker

Thornshot — While this creature has power 12000 or more, it has "Triple Breaker."

Quillspike Defender — All your other creatures can't be attacked.

Unleash — For each other creature you have in the battle zone, this creature gets +3000 power until the start of your next turn. (To use a creature's "Unleash" ability, put a card from under it into your discard pile when it attacks.)

Power: 8000+
Illustrator: Chris Seaman
Sets & Rarity:
(13/PRM8 — Promotional)
Other Card Information:
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