Battle Sphere is a race of creature in the Light Civilization.

List of Battle Spheres

 ■ Aerial Arcavore
 ■ Argus, Vigilant Seer
 ■ Crusader Engine
 ■ Eye Spy
 ■ Eye of Inquisition
 ■ Havoc Sphere
 ■ Heliosphere
 ■ Hunter Sphere
 ■ Panopter
 ■ Radion Sphere
 ■ Reactor Sphere
 ■ Scroll Orb
 ■ Sentinel Orb
 ■ Spyweb Scurrier


Argus, Vigilant Seer (3RIS)


The Battle Spheres are Kaijudo versions of the Light Bringers from the original Duel Masters franchise.

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