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Armored Dragon
Civilization(s): Fire
Category: Armored Dragon

Armored Dragon is a race of Dragon creature in the Fire Civilization.


The Armored Dragons are the most powerful creatures in the Fire Civilization. Covered in armor and worshiped by Drakons, they have existed before the creation of the veil. Armored Dragons possess superior knowledge of war and weaponry and are considered "Gods of War". Armored Dragons communicate in their own ancient language. Although they understand other races' languages, pride normally prevents them from speaking any of it.

List of Armored Dragons


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Support Creature: Card Ability:
Hyperspeed Dragon All of your Armored Dragons have Fast Attack.
Napalmeon the Conquering All your other Armored Dragons have "Powerful Attack +5000" and break an additional shield.
Supreme Dragon Bolshack When this creature becomes the target of an opponent's spell or ability, search your deck. You may take a non-evolution Armored Dragon that costs 7 or less from your deck and put it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.


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  • The Armored Dragons are the Kaijudo versions of the Armored Dragons from the original Duel Masters franchise.