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Aqua Seneschal
Aqua Seneschal.png
Civilization Water Water.png
Race Cyber Lord
Gender ♂ Male
Affiliation Choten's Forces
Occupation Lieutenant
Duelist The Choten
Voice Actor Phil LaMarr
“What kind of creature betrays his own kind?” — Tatsurion
“You are not my kind...please enjoy your stay, stupid beast.” — Aqua Seneschal.

Aqua Seneschal is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


The Choten's companion creature is a seven-foot-tall beast of the Water Civilization. He is The Choten’s right hand, ensuring that his orders are always followed, even if the original plan doesn’t succeed. He appears to be one of the few creatures who serves the Choten willingly rather than being enslaved.

Seneschal is the perfect lieutenant to The Choten. A walking database with all of the technological skills of the Water civilization, he is refined, efficient, and totally superior (in his own mind at least), just like his master. Like the Choten, he fully believes in and is dedicated to his master's goal of assembling a creature army and bringing down the Veil between the worlds, the reason he believes this is unknown.

Ever-vigilant steward and deadly servant, Seneschal manages the Choten's operations from behind his many computer consoles. However, when more direct action is needed, he can form a pair of ice-sword arms to deal with pesky opponents, use his body circuitry for covert mobile data retrieval, or make a complete character judgment about someone (usually poor) with one sweep of his eye scan.

Despite his loyalty to the Choten, Seneschal is considered just as expendable to his master as any other creature or minion. After Ray managed to infiltrate the Choten's base by summoning Seneschal, the Choten deemed his former creature a liability and had Squillace Scourge devour him.

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